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holly fleming-

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I don't want a lot for Christmas, there is just one thing I need....* [Monday
December 5th, 2005
yo yo yo, whats up whats up!? i'm updating..woot woot haha

good news--i just saved a bucnh of money....blah, blah..KIDDING..i can't freaking drive..i'm only 14 you homos! haha

but i did make homecoming....yay...haha go me....it's december 13th if you all wanna come*

I WANT IT TO EFFING SNOW! why can't it?! gawd....i swear

alright..i love these songs, therefore i shall post them*

well maybe not...i'm way too lazy to look all of them up....

but i LOVE these songs...

all i want for christmas is you
my only wish this year
where are you christmas
santa baby
this christmas
merry christmas, happy holdidays
have yourself a merry little christmas
rockin' around the christmas tree
dreaming of a white christmas
and like a gazillion more, since christmas is my absolute FAVORITE holiday and anything having to do with it makes me so frigging happy...i love it man....

I don't want a lot for Christmas
There is just one thing I need
I don't care about the presents
Underneath the Christmas tree
I don't need to hang my stocking
There upon the fireplace
Santa Claus can't make me happy with a toy on Christmas day
I just want you for my own
More than you could ever know
Make my wish come true
All I want for Christmas is you

---i wanna be kissed in the snow...at nighttime....or under the mistletoe...how cute would that be....

love you guys--comment or suffer!

haha jus' kedding....but comment cause i love yuns*


p.s. tell me if you like the new lj look...credit to zach! thanks for putting up with all my requests!

loves-christmas is in like 19 days!! DANG!
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hidy* [Wednesday
November 30th, 2005
ew i got so mad today....

someone came up to me and said, holly, 'blank' and 'blank' were sitting in mrs. hall's class making fun of you and calling you fat and stuff

first off, i'm one of the most self-conscious people that you'll ever meet in your life...i'm always worried about my appearance, mainly my weight because i know i'm not the skinniest person in the world, and obviously, from the hints of those two guys, i'm overweight...

colton is such a good friend though...he proved a ton of people wrong....he wasn't one of the people making fun of me...there were only two and i shouldn't let rude comments like that get to me...but colton was like, never let them bother you and stuff....it was nice...

all my other friends were helping me out too...gawsh, there's like 50 zillion billion of 'em...thats the good thing about when bad things happen....it shows how many people truly care about and love you* thanks to janna, julie, kayla, megan, hillary, kendra, chase, jack and justin miller, tyler newsome and mcpeek, katie newville, felicia, courtney, china, molly, britney, samantha, colton, zach, courtney charles (my cornbread)...i swear, i could go ON AND ON for about an hour telling you how much i loved my friends....they were the ones that made me feel tons better..

i know i shouldn't cry, but i was....i should just brush it off my shoulder and not let it affect me, but i'm officially going on a diet starting from this moment, mark my words...for those of you that think i'm not serious, i really am....i'm on a mission to lose weight..i hate even ever being told that i'm fat..it kills me

those guys are in trouble now...which is good, but the funny thing is is that i wasn't even the one that told on them...ha....i wasn't going to tell on them....so yeah...shows how nice i am...so if you 2 think i told on you, think again...

but i mean thanks to everyone that leant me a shoulder to cry on...i appreciate it so much..and i love you all

i guess things like this show you who your true friends are...i'd never say anything mean to those guys..i've been nothing but nice to them, but i guess that's just never enough, is it?

i'm out-comment

by the way, i feel a lot better now....no overly-dramatic outbursts of depression or anything haha

comment to show i'm loved---

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TURKEY DAY! [Thursday
November 24th, 2005
[ mood | cold ]

happy thanksgiving everybody!

try not to get the bird flu hahaha

I LOVE YOU ALL....skanks haha

be good--

comment please*

13 .Want to be Kissed In. The Snow-

November 16th, 2005
here's a quickie...

---practice today! we *me, hill, meggie poo poo, lil' savannah, and dana got a staight-up full lib....oh my gawd it's awesome

---i applied for booth scholars today....my essay i had wrote was 644 words long...sadly, i had forgotten to read the directions and the requirement was 300 words or less..yeh that sucked big time..but i finished my application and it was pretty good*

---new kid at school named rachel hamilton i think...she's pretty cool..i was her tour guide for today haha...she sat with me at lunch and stuff..she used to go to pville

---gotta go to sis's choir performance tomorrow at booth auditorium at like 7:30..that should be interesting

---friday is valley's blue and white night...we cheer at it and i cannot wait...it'll be so much fun*

---saturday is my.....drumroll please....BIRTHDAY!!!! 14 years old..haha me and hill are gonna go out to eat and then go to the circus haha...sweet action baby...i'm trying to plan something big for my bday...like, something i can do over winter break and all my friends can come....any ideas, feel free to tell me

---i'm gonna go get janna again! haha we're bored like always! love allllll of yuns

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November 14th, 2005
[ mood | crazy ]

3 doors down concert-
alright, i'm gonna make it simple because i'm not up for writing a novel. mom got my tickets like last minute, so here we are, just the 2 of us, sitting in the main top row..it BLEW...haha so during like one of the opening bands (illbreak)'s performance, we got up to go down and see if we could get on the floor....she knew like all of the security guards, so they let us down there...yeah, i ended up getting about 25 feet from the stage...i was in the huge moshpit thing and it was f'n-a....i swear it* everyone was like drunk, and jumping up and down and freakin' out...SHINEDOWN was ammmmmazing! oh my gawd....i love them. we they sang Burning Bright, Save Me, and 45, i went wild...haha i was so stoked about it all...pretty much a big humongous adrenaline rush---then, out come 3 doors down...i ---freaked--- out....i swear to god i was like screaming as loud as i can...everything was awesome..the lights, them, the songs...just it all was amazing...they sound even better in person than like on cd. it was beautiful with all the cell phones and lighters....gawsh...i just wish i could relive it all...they sang kryptonite, let me go, away from the sun, loser, when i'm gone...just SO many lovely little songs...then it came down to here without you....i had tears in my eyes..that's my favorite song of all time....anyways, when it was over, i didn't want it to end...i loved every flippin' second...to make it short, i wanna go to the green day concert next year..GAWD i'm so psyched!

okay, we left friday morning and me and kay pretty much listened to music on the way down....oh yeh...haha lovely....and then when we got into covington, we went to the Florence mall, and mom gave me like 80 bucks or something..and i had 50, and me, kay, meg, and hill walked around...i went to rave and found these gorgeous snow boots...they're snow white, they're completely fur from top to bottom, and they lace up like 2 times....and i bought this insanely pretty winter white faux fur coat...i got this burgandy cami that's velvet and like embellished with lace and beads....i wore it to school today..hehe yay---and then we went to our hotel, which wasn't half as nice as our hotel last year, but it was cool..it was me, court, kay, hill, and meg in a room...what a lethal combo, i'm tellin' ya! haha...

that night, we played Summit View, which sucked...we killed them...that night me and the girls had a blast! we went to the pool for a bit...which was so much fun...the splash fights haha...then we went back to the room and we "attempted" going to sleep...me and hill in one bed, meg in one, and court and kay in the other....hahahah wow...courtney and meg were asleep...and we all woke 'em up...i swear our hotel room was haunted ahaha this light kept flickerin', and things would move in our room..scary shtuff...i know...we woke up, ate breakfast, got ready.....went to our game...then me and hill went to the mall and met up with colton and tanner to walk around..it was so much friggin fun..they sat down in the middle of the mall and ate dipping dots..like they sat on the floor..i was dyin' laughing...seriously...and we went in new york and co. after kay had met up with us, and oh my gawd, the guys were grabbing manicans and stuff...hahaha i swear...and then i was walking beside tanner and he'd look at ppl we passed and go, i'm queer..i love BOYS!!!! haha.....i love 'em...then we had another game and ashley had gotten hurt...we got beat, and i cried real bad...haha it was pretty horrible...me, kay, and meg got in the room, sat in the floor and bawled..then hill and katie got pretty emotional themselves..shew, good times...sad moments....lol....that nite was awesome though...me and court went pretty wild....haha we would synchronize laugh and me meg and court would talk about OHHHHH i'm in the bed! and me and court would talk about i'm, i'm, i'maaa gonna g, go, go get..hahhahaha i love it....me and kay watched something gorss on ACCIDENT hahaha HBO is some bad crap..ilke, we were flipping through the channels and it was gross* ewww…….anyways, meg farting was the highlight of that night hahaha….i loved bci…I had so much fun with everyone..wow….tootsie roll, milk dud, carmello, cocoa puff, snickers, all of it was insane haha….sarah u ho! Haha everyone—ur awesome..i love my cheerleadin’ squad..whoa…can’t wait til next bci! Then, me and hill went to cracker barrel on the way home…it was pretty good but we both got SOO sick and sleepy on the way home…slept all the way…

well, I’m talking to a buncha ppl on icq..i better get off here…i might go get janna and we might go do something…


Comment…cause it took an hour to write all that haha

comment comment comment

looove you all!


2 .Want to be Kissed In. The Snow-

November 11th, 2005
[ mood | excited ]

hey guys! i'll update about 3 doors down as soon as i can...it was amazing*

---Gone to BCI in Covington...if you need me, call 424-3329.

I'll be back Sunday..Love you all-

comment if u want*

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hidy ho- [Wednesday
November 2nd, 2005
[ mood | sick ]

17 days until my birthday! the big 14! woot woot..haha i'm so excited..this is my absolute favorite time of year...my bday, winter, my furry boots, snow, hot cocoa, cuddling up in my favorite blankey, walking at night and breathing only to see my own breath, restless nights of watching wymt to see if they call Pike Co. Schools off, going Christmas shopping, Christmas, getting bundled up so much that I can hardly move just to go sledding, sleeping in, making cookies and drinking milk, eating vegetable soup...it's such a magical time of the year..i know thats cheesy but it is...and i can't explain to you how much i love winter...gaw....there's BCI, where you make about a zillion memories...staying on the phone late on winter break..just everything about it is awesome and i wouldn't trade it for the world...shew...now i'm so anxious for our first snow! haha....weehoo....

Oh and I thought I'd let you all read a masterpiece in the flesh..haha I had to write a poem for Mrs. Osborne's class...read and enjoy..i'm pretty proud of it..tell me what ya think*

Life Lessons

I wish I had that feeling,
That feeling that was right
It seems like it’s hard anymore
For us friends not to fight

How it was back then
How it will never be again
Is the way I wish everything was
It seems like we would always win

It’s hard for us to talk
And not have an angry word
Telling each other rumors
And hurtful comments that we’ve heard

Don’t you wish we could be kids again
Young and without a care
When the only time we were mean
Was when we didn’t want to share

Endless nights of crying
Wishing nothing wrong ever happened
Hoping everything’s just a dream
And these horrible times were all imagined

Growing up is tough, is what I’ve forever been told
Who would have ever thought I’d dread it this much
To near these ages we call old

I’d like everything to go
Just how I wanted it to
I wouldn’t ever feel down
Feeling saddened, feeling blue

I wouldn’t have to ever use the word regret
Wouldn’t ever go to bed with my pillow wet
Wet with tears, remembering bad things from past years

How I wish I could go back
And turn back the hands of time
Assuring myself that these friends I have
Will forever be mine

No harsh feelings, no arguing, no teasing
We’d all smile, laugh, and only think about pleasing

But as I think of these terrible moments
That I’ve experienced in my time on earth
I always consider what it really all has been worth

Every cloud has its silver lining
There’s a rainbow after every storm
We always work things out
So we can put a halt to the days that we morn

We always have a solution
A way to make things better
I’ve learned that everything happens for a reason
And my friends and memories, I truly treasure

What doesn’t kill you, only makes you stronger
Life lets us know what we have
It makes us stay together longer

Thank you to my friends
All the good times and the bad
I truly want to say, you all are the best I’ve ever had

Holly Fleming

lastly, fill this out---pretty please....i'll love u forever if u do..haha i'm just bored and home sick...and i wanna know what u think....fill it out! love all of you

[1] Who are you?
[2] Are we friends?
[3] When and how did we meet?
[4] How have I affected you?
[5] What do you think of me?
[6] What's the fondest memory you have of me?
[7] How long do you think we will be friends or enemies?
[8] Do you love me?
[9] Have I ever hurt you?
[10] Would you hug me?
[11] Are we close?
[12] Emotionally, what stands out?
[13] Do you wish I was cooler?
[14] On a scale of 1-10, how attractive am I?
[15] Give me a nickname and explain why you picked it
[16] Am I loveable?
[17] How long have you known me?
[18] Describe me in one word
[19] What was your first impression?
[20] Do you still think that way about me now?
[21] What do you think my weakness is?
[22] Do you think I'll get married?
[23] What about me makes you happy?
[24] What about me makes you sad?
[25] What reminds you of me?
[26] What's something you would change about me?
[27] How well do you know me?
[28] Ever wanted to tell me something but couldn't?
[29] Do you think I would kill someone?
[30] Are you going to put this on your journal and see what I say about you?

18 .Want to be Kissed In. The Snow-

hey* [Sunday
October 16th, 2005
[ mood | guilty* ]

everyone, i feel like a total b-word..and it's starting to really hurt..i guess what they say about 'what goes around, comes around' must be true...i feel like such a bad person now...and don't u wish you could just go back in time and take so many things back? because if i could, i would..i just wish it was possible for me to start over with a new beginning, and to be nice to everyone, and not regret my choices and decisions...whitney and alina, i never want us to be enemies or anything, and i'm so sorry for everything i've done...i just, don't wanna go to valley and not be friends with u all..you all are awesome, and i don't wanna lose the chance of not getting to know you all better...sorry for being terrible, because thats how i feel...amanda, i can't even BEGIN explaining how bad i feel....you don't deserve none of the crap ppl give you...and i wish i could turn back the hands of time..none of this would have ever happened...if not hanging out around him is what it takes to have u as my friend again, i'd sacrifice it...it's just so insanely horrible not being able to say you're my best friend anymore, and i cry just thinking about the countless mistakes i've made....i want us to be friends again..i know things can't ever b exactly the same as they were, but i just want u to be able to call me when ur down, and vice versa...i love u and words can't express how sorry i am

i feel like such a bad person...i just wanna be nice to everyone, and to be friends with as many ppl as i can...i love all of you that have been there for me...and like, kayla, meggie, hillary, everyone...you all are amazing and never dissapoint me...even u amanda, you've never let me down...i'm so sorry for anything i've ever done to anyone, and i just want everything to be a fresh start..i know i can't take back what i did....but u don't realize how much i wish i could....

i regret it all....any words, actions, or anything i've done, i wanna apologize from the bottom of my heart....i don't wanna be called a bad friend, or even a slut, because both names hurt horribly...

i'm sorry amanda...i'm sorry alina, whitney j, just anyone..i'm sorry...i don't want to lose anything any of us have ever had together...

i love all of you...even if it seems like i'm a b*tch and don't....i do...and just, i'm willing to put as forth as much effort as i can to make things normal, and to make life how it used to be...i'm tired of crying, and i know amanda's tired of crying...i guess it takes life experiences to realize what you've done wrong, and what you shouldn't do

please everyone, just give me a chance..i wanna be friends with everyone...i love u all

comment everyone--please---i just dont liike hurting and that's what's happening right now*

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weeehooo* i love having a terrible cold, and then cheering...WEEHOO!* [Wednesday
October 12th, 2005
[ mood | nauseated* ]

i'm home sick....with like, this cold/stomach ache thing....and guess what? just to make matters 10 times better, i have to go to cheerleading practice...yeh, that's exactly what i need to make me feel good...hahahaha funny*

i never get praised for trying in cheerleading and it's starting to hurt me, and some other girls...we've talked about it, and for all the sweat, blood, and tears we put into it, we always get told we don't try hard enough...well, i've got some news...i'm my own person and i KNOW when i'm trying....i know that when i'm out there starting as many cheers as i possibly can, doing all these chants, smiling, jumping up and down when we score, that i'm not just sitting there like a dumb-a.....gawd...and like, every game, at halftime, we get told, "Girls, you're just not giving it your all....you don't try....you're not peppy enough, you're not stiff" i'm getting so close to voice my opinion...i cheer because i want to, not because i have to...i'm in it for the fun, the friends, the trips, the excitement...i like to cheer....except for when i'm literally being punished for putting forth effort...it's just not right or ethical, and my self-esteem has went way downhill since i began this year of cheerleading..just because not every girl is as committed or dedicated as the other, the whole squad shouldn't be punished...maybe it isn't us who's the failure...she should point out individuals that need to work on their weaknesses, not everyone...shew....it's just, we keep being told, "girls, we're gonna make this your best year ever...one that you'll never forget...i want you to get over to valley and wish that you could relive that year over and over again" well, it's not working out that way for me...i'm staying on the squad because i'm not a quitter..i don't give up, and i won't give up...but i'm gonna stand for myself from now on...i'm not a doormat, and i won't be...i'm sick of being on a roller coaster of moodswings....so here i go...i have practice in exactly 25 minutes...i'm sick....doesn't that show that i'm a dedicated, loyal cheerleader?? well to me, it does..i could just stay home and say screw it, but i'm better than that....

thanks for listening to me whine and complain...lol sorry guys....i just had to get it offa my chest...it's been bothering me really badly lately, and it's like i'm not "good enough" or that i suck completely...but in my eyes, i try, i know i do, and that's all that should matter*

i love all of you---

comment me*


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hey guys--- [Friday
September 30th, 2005
[ mood | happy* ]

Am I not pretty enough?
Is my heart too broken?
Do I cry too much?
Am I too outspoken?
Don't I make you laugh?
Should I try it harder?
Why do you see right through me?

I live, I breathe, I let it rain on me
I sleep, I wake, I try hard not to break
I crave, I love, I've waited long enough
I try as hard as I can

Am I not pretty enough?
Is my heart too broken?
Do I cry too much?
Am I too outspoken?
Don't I make you laugh?
Should I try it harder?
Why do you see right through me?

I laugh, I feel, I make believe it's real
I fall, I freeze, I pray down on my knees
I hope, I stand, I take it like a man
I try as hard as I can

Am I not pretty enough?
Is my heart too broken?
Do I cry too much?
Am I too outspoken?
Don't I make you laugh?
Should I try it harder?
Why do you see right through me?

please leave a comment*

i love all of you-


23 .Want to be Kissed In. The Snow-

September 23rd, 2005
[ mood | ecstatic ]

hey you all--okay, I know I've let you down by not updating haha..sorry* But their wasn't really anything to talk about...

anywho, cheerleading has been going okay. we're getting these insanely hot new uniforms with matching body suits...they're so gorgeous! miranda ( a captain ) quit...so now little 6th grade Savannah Hall is filling in for her* we had a game against elkhorn last nite and beat them.. their cheerleaders were really nice..me, kay, and meggie poo hung out the whole nite---i love my girls...we're the biotches haha...and me and kay were just talking....i can't WAIT til bci and basketball season and stuff*

this weekend will be 3 days long---wehoo....and kayla's coming over maybe sunday nite...that'll be fun* can't wait..

today at school was this big celebration thinger ma bob about Cats test. all the freshmen that were 8th graders at Virgie last year came to school....we had like water balloon game thingies and a cookout and stuff...i got to see a ton of my friends from last year..gaw i love 'em and miss 'em* hahaha me, kay, meg, sunshine, and kendra were trying to sing 'don'tcha' to this boy and he was running away from us haha...and dillon was markin' all over me and kay with a pink marker...fun haha..not really* lol cause then tanner, dillon, colton, and trey and a few other ppl started throwing little pebbles at us....that hurt..lol

i had a really good day--that was awesome....i loved it* i changed into my p.e. clothes because i didn't wanna play in heels today....lol....i looked skanky but i could care less*

welps, gonna go talk to bradie cause he just knocked on the door*

love you all so much*

comment me*

(kay's nizzle, meggie poo's hollister) haha

i'm out*

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howdy skank hoes!* [Thursday
September 8th, 2005
[ mood | bouncy ]

hey everybody--not gonna be a long entry...

i had such a good day* i saw a ton of ppl i had missed so bad*

gaw, what a good day!

i love everyone*



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hey faggots* [Wednesday
August 31st, 2005
[ mood | crappy ]

there's been nothing to update about...i like someone, sorta...well yeh, i like him...we wouldn't be able to date, but the way he makes me feel is amazing...i hope i can see him soon*

tanner called me a whore today....shew....that hurts when people say that...i'm sorry if u all see me in that perspective...i don't mean to project myself like that.....it hurts so bad....because i go out of my way to be as nice to people as i can....my motto is that if you're nice to me, i'll be nice right back to you...just, i dunno....being called a whore isn't such a good thing*

on a lighter note, me and kay are going to the mall saturday..hunnington i think....i SO can't wait! we'll have so much fun*love ya fizzle!

cheerleading has been decent....beckers *becky parsons* quit though..that sucks horse poop.... :( i already miss her! our first game is monday, but it's an away game at mullins or something....i want our fball jerseys to wear...that'll be so cute with black shorts...me and meggie are the big sasquatches on the team...haha big giants...so we're always in the back row together..i love her to death*

i have homework like every nite! 8th grade is like 7th grade pretty much...lol lame*

ms. lowery freaked on me today because tyler mcpeek stepped on my toes on purpose and i had on heels, so i smacked him...she was like, well i see why you slapped him, but next time, don't hit him, and just come tell me...i was like, pssh, oh-kay...someone's on my foot... "um tyler would you please remove yourself from my pinky toe?" yeh...alright* whatev....

hahahhahaa today, i was going to the bathroom during some "Highly Effective Teens" Class, and Justin Miller and Josh Slone were lookin' out the window while i was walking by...hahahhaha and the janitor that we call Joe Dirt turned around and looked at my butt...it was so nasty....so now they call me joe dirt....and well, somebody decided to call me TW today haha..oh well long story*

gonna go*

see ya biznitches*

love yuns*

Please comment*


ps-colds suck!

5 .Want to be Kissed In. The Snow-

... [Wednesday
August 17th, 2005
[ mood | pessimistic ]

holy crap...i thought i was having a freakin' good day and then this sh-it happens....my ex has a girlfriend...i just talked to him on the phone 2 nights ago, and he has a girlfriend...and it's hard as heck for me...have you ever been so hurt you can't even cry? for the first 10 minutes after i found out about *her*, i just sat there...kinda angry, ya know? cause i guess it was hard for me to get over him...and in a sense, this has seriously opened my eyes big time....i broke down crying and realized, why do i need a guy that doesn't love me, is gonna make me cry, has a girlfriend, and doesn't make me feel like i need to feel?

i'm so confused...i like somebody...and for some reason, it seems like i can't like him...i don't know...i think i'm just gonna go before my day gets worse

5 .Want to be Kissed In. The Snow-

yeh right...like this will ever happen* [Tuesday
August 16th, 2005
[ mood | crushed ]

gawd...why do you like someone and end up feeling like crap? i mean, seriously...i like a guy a little...i'm not like crazy over him, but he's cute and stuff...but anywho, he knows that i like him now, and well honestly, i don't think there's any hope...lol i don't think i'd ever see him dating someone like me or whatev...and then there's still previous es-h-eye-tee that's killing me...who knows..i think i need to get precribed to prozac and get my priorities straight before i end up getting emotional and crap...and well, basically, i want this school year to be funner than the last and i'm praying it is...i hated last year for the most part...i like my classes though..i have some good people...i don't have any classes with hill, and only one with court, one with zach....that sucks...i don't have any with shortridge either, that's kinda sad...algebra isn't as hard as i thought it would be, and mr. moore is officially my favorite teacher...he's awesome...

here's the schedule*
-Homeroom-Bonnie Gibson
-1st Period-Bonnie Gibson-AP Math
-2nd Period-Miranda Roberts-Social Studies
-3rd Period-Jo Moore-Science
-4th Period-Bonnie Gibson-Algebra 1
-5th Period-Jerri Osborne-Language Arts
-6th Period-School Store-For right now, me, Chase, and Ashley are working concession...during that period
-7th Period-Greg Newsome-P.E.

we have no time at all to eat lunch this year...i dunno what the dealio is...i'm gonna get off and see what i'm wearing tomorrow...

Comment if you gots any advice for the life*
or just comment for the heck of it*

love all of you*


6 .Want to be Kissed In. The Snow-

Layout, biotches* [Wednesday
August 3rd, 2005
[ mood | cheerful* ]

Oh em jee...Tell me if you LOVE the layout? Zach did it...big props to ya babe*

Love ya'll!*-

Comment to tell me what you think of the look, you sexy biotches*


--gonna go talk to Nathan on ICQ*

8 .Want to be Kissed In. The Snow-

My tears are turning into time* [Monday
August 1st, 2005
[ mood | sad* ]

me and amanda made up, zach and amanda made up, and everything is so back to normal..i love it...i just realized yesterday how badly i will miss amanda...she dropped by my house to see me, and we were both standing there trying our hardest not to cry...shew...life will be so different w/o my moosay...i love you manda...don't ever forget me, cause I know I could never forget you*


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I feel like I'm on Springer right now [Tuesday
July 26th, 2005
[ mood | pessimistic ]

hey everyone...something's kinda bothering me but i'm not really gonna mention what it is...and i've lost one of my friends that i've had since i was born...that's not much of a good thing...especially when he calls and practically tells you he hates you and then hangs up before you can say anything....it hurts really bad...i just sat there on the line for like 5 minutes before i even beeped back over to who i was talking to...and i know why he hates me, and it's stupid...then, i miss one of my friends, and it feels like we're losing touch a little, and i just dunno what to do...it hurts me...and i don't know how to explain everything right now...shew, and i miss somebody realllly bad...which sucks to the 10th degree...i've heard from reliable sources that he said some good stuff about me, but if he did, why doesn't he freakin' call me like he should? like, i have NO clue what i'm supposed to do....should i sit around and wait to see if he might have the same feelings for me? or should i move on? moving on is so hard though, especially when you care about a person as much as i care about this one...i guess it was just easier for him to let go....another pathetic, pitiful thing, is the other night, i sat outside and cried because i was so confused....like, a while back, he made me feel so happy all the time, and even when we did argue, everything ended up being fine because he had his way of making me feel loved...i miss that so bad....and i guess i'll just keep searching for it...and every other guy i talk to is so sweet....and they'll tell me such sweet things....but shew, in the back of my mind is the guy i miss....and i should SO appreciate what the other guys are saying but i feel like i am obligated to just reject every guy and go back to liking him, and that's gonna stop....it will be hard, but the hardest part is letting go...


comment please...i need therapy haha

love all of you*

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Nothing better to do* [Wednesday
July 20th, 2005
[ mood | content ]

-take this thingy i found on the net....please....i love you all*

-What is your name?
-Are we friends?
-On a scale of 1 to 10, how hot am I?
-Out of these words, which one(s) best describes me? (shy, funny, outgoing, annoying, sexy, nice, friend)
-What song reminds you of me?
-What celebrity do I most remind you of?
-What is our best memory?
-If you could give me anything in the world, what would it be?
-How nice am I, on a scale from 1-10?
-What's the thing you like most about me?
-What's the thing you like least about me?
-What's my most noticeable feature?
-Do you love me or know anyone that does?
-DO you hate me or know anyone that does?
-Are you going to put this on your journal?

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July 18th, 2005
[ mood | blah ]

hey guys...not much happened this week...me and hill went out on friday night! that was fun..hehe we went to see wedding crashers...gaw, i LOVED that movie...2 thumbs up....it was kinda dirty, but hey, you need some trashy humor every once in awhile haha....after the movies, we went to taco bell, and then walked around at walmart...i had fun..hehe...too bad i had to clean the next freakin' day and didn't get to stay all nite...ahh, we will soon enough...

Fill this out*...Plllllease! ;)

. Your name:
. Where did we meet?:
. Take a stab at my middle name:
. How long have you known me?:
. When is the last time we saw each other?:
. Do I smoke?:
. Do I believe in God?:
. When you first saw me what was your impression?:
. My Favorite Color?:
. Our Best Memory?:
. Color hair:
. Color eyes:
. Have you ever had a crush on me?:
. Have you ever been jealous of me?:
.What do you think about my butt?:
. What's my fav. type of music?:
. What is the best feature about me?:
. Am I shy or outgoing?:
. Am I a rebel or do I follow all the rules?:
. Would you consider me a friend, an aquaintence or a good
. If there were one good nickname for me what would it be?:
. Have you ever seen me cry?:
.What would u give me out of 10 for personality?:
.What would you give me out of 10 for looks?:
.What annoys u most about me?:
.Do u think i am funny?:
.If you could do one thing to me what would it be?:
.If you could go anywhere with me where would it be?:
.Do you trust me?:
.Do you know anyone that likes me?:
.Do you know anyone that hates me?:

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blah* [Wednesday
July 13th, 2005
[ mood | clumsy* ]

Hey you loser-fied readers...what's crackin' yo? haha--i just broke the shredder at sis's office.....that's very intelligent and repsonsible of me....i felt bad, and being the sensitive person i am, grabbed The Notebook when Whitney wasn't looking and went to the bathroom hahaha.....i didn't want her to be mad at me, so i ran from the whole situation* anywho, yes, i'm once again here at the law office...and in 2 days i've shredded like 22 bags of papers.....big trash bags full of 'em...i finally got to talk to zach on the phone last nite for a little while...and shortridge....shewie, i missed those guys...love their hearts...i think when i get home today i might call hill to see if she wants to do something this weekend, because i need to make my summer a *little* less boring....and since I've been reading the notebook, it has me thinking....why can't all guys be like noah calhoun....i mean seriously? he's freakin' perfect.....oh well, i guess that since it's fiction, there's no hope in me finding a noah..haha

--okay, lately mcdonald's has sucked asss.....they take like 20 minutes on the inside to get your food, and in the drive thru, it sometimes takes even longer....eww, why do they hire mentally unwell people to work there? because like, they screw up orders and everything....damn them haha

well, i'm gonna go...me and sis have to go and answer phones in the main building...

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Agggghhhhhh* [Monday
July 11th, 2005
[ mood | accomplished ]

at sis's office....again* i'm terribly bored...me and sis just got back from running errands from people at her office...gaw, it's raining again---i hate the rain =( we're about to go to the hospital for something...not even sure---i miss my friends that i haven't talked to in awhile...i love you all* i haven't talked to kyle since sunday b/c he left to go to upper (upward?) bound....i wanna talk to him too...gaw, i just miss all my friends in general.. zach--thanks for calling me again....you're great....it just sucks i'm never home to answer anymore haha....call around 6 tonite, i should be home around then.....

walked around the hill at virgie a total of 7 freakin' times...haha...hello excercise...began reading the sisterhood of the traveling pants and got to page, like, 150*

woke up, played w/ Libby (my kitten), and read to page 200 in the sisterhood* got ready to go to town with sis...we went to dawahare's...i gots two new outfits thanks to the big sale thingy going on* then we went to taco bell and came home* then, last night, knowing good and well i had to wake up at 7, I stayed up til 3 to finish the sisterhood of the traveling pants...i cried...i loved it so much---tear, hallmark moment...haha....very good book---and movie*

nothing haha...boring, but still fun...went to hardee's this morning....then mcdonalds for lunch...idk if me and sis are going anywhere after work...ah, who knows anymore?* i started reading the notebook today...it's like 290-some pages...my goal this week is to try to read 3 books...i've got 1 down (sisterhood), 40 pages on the 2nd one (Notebook), then i have the rest of the week to probably read a john grisham book of sis's....yes, i know...odd...but heck, i've discovered there's never anything to do anymore, therefore i read and excercise...that's pretty much it*

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love always,

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Hey peeps* [Friday
July 8th, 2005
[ mood | crazy ]

01. I cried:
02. I asked you to help:
03. I became suicidal:
04. I killed myself:
05. I died from natural causes:
06. I said I liked you:
07. I kissed you:
08. I started smoking:
09. I stole something:
10. I was hospitalized:
11. I ran away from home:
12. I got in a fight & you were there:
13. I kicked you in the nuts:
14. I streaked across campus:
15. I was in a porn video:

01. Personality:
02. Eyes:
03. Face:
04. Hair:
05. Boobs:
06. Lips:
07. Height:
08. Clothes:
09. Voice:
10. Humor:
11. Choice of music:
12. Mannerisms:
13. Family:
14. Brains:
15. Sex drive:
16. Flexibility:

01. Be my friend:
02. Tell me the truth, no matter what:
03. Lie to make me feel better:
04. Spread rumors about me:
05. Keep a secret if I told you one:
06. Loan me some cash:
07. Hold my hand:
08. Take a bullet for me:
09. Keep in touch:
10. Try to solve my problems:
11. Love me:

01. Who are you?
02. Are we friends?
03. When & how did we meet?
04. How have I affected you?
05. What do you think of me?
06. What's the fondest memory you have of me?
07. How long do you think we will be friends?
08. Do you love me?
09. Do you have a crush on me?
10. Would you kiss me?
11. Would you hug me?
12. Physically, what stands out?
13. Emotionally, what stands out?
14. Do you wish I was cooler?
15. On a scale of 1-10, how hot am I?
16. Give me a nickname & explain why you picked it:
17. Am I loveable?
18. How long have you known me?
19. Describe me in one word:
20. What was your first impression?
21. Do you still think that way about me now?
22. What do you think my weakness is?
23. Do you think I'll get married?
24. What makes me happy?
25. What makes me sad?
26. What reminds you of me?
27. If you could give me anything, what would it be?
28. How well do you know me?
29. When was the last time you saw me?
30. Ever wanted to tell me something but you couldn't?
31. Do you think I could kill someone?
32. Are you going to put this on your LJ & see what I have to say about you?

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The speckles in our eyes, when we kiss, they perfectly align* [Friday
July 1st, 2005
[ mood | grateful ]

Hey everyone* I'm at sis's office right now...She works at Baird & Baird Law Offices....Anywho, I'm staying at work with her today..I just wanted to say thanks to all of the people that commented--you all are seriously the best and I don't know where I'd be without ya'll being there for me and helping me with problems.Love you soo soo mcuh! Yesterday I went to the Virgie pool with Hill..GAW I had so much fun..I'll explain later..haha I'm gonna go help sis do some stuff..Love all of you so much*

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----hi? [Wednesday
June 29th, 2005
[ mood | hurt* ]

Hey readers....I'm kinda confused right now, and probably shouldn't be but I'm a little hurt..I took the survey on my last entry just for fun, and I didn't think I'd offend anybody...I didn't mean it was slutty to ask guys out, it's just not my style...I'm sorry if I hurt anyone cause I really wasn't trying to...and I'm really not as judgmental as you think....I've dated and went after bunches of different looking/acting guys...I don't mind if they're not perfect...It's the connection you have with the individual, not the physical attraction...I shouldn't have came off as that fake or artificial and sorry to anyone that I upset....I just probably won't take anymore surveys for a while...I guess I'm just not pretty enough to get a boyfriend or something then...But I'm kinda old fashioned when it comes to the whole dating process...I let the guy ask me out....But I'm really sorry...I shouldn't have said anything....Comment*

Love always,

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survey says.....* [Thursday
June 23rd, 2005
[ mood | contemplative ]

What is your favorite color? - pink*

-Do you wear a bra?- heck yes-i have to*

-Does spagetti get stuck in your braces?- um, no....kinda cause i dont have braces*

-Do you like to torment your Mom? - hahaha yeh, but i still love her*

-Do you support Bush? -dude, i'm anti-kerry...of course i'm a bush-er!

-Is your little brother annoying?- don't have one*

-Who is a major hottie? - Ryan and Sean from StripSearch*

-Who's your best friend? - many people! i don't just have one best friend*

-Do you like McDonald's or Dairy Queen better?- omgaw mcdonald's chicken nuggets*

-Do you have any siblings? - yea, my sissy whitney, she's 19*

-Do you have a pet dog? - yes'm....i have 2 dawgs...prissy and leroy*

-Do you like to eat?- if i could eat w/o gaining weight, i would constantly*

-Do you like country or rock better? - rock-fo sho baby*

--Your Favorite--

-Hair Color: doesn't matter--but no offense guys...i'm very anti-red head boys....

-Eye Color: hmmm, i love brown and blue mostly...but any kind's okay if they're pretty eyes*

-(Their)Music Genre Preference: somewhat along the lines of my preferences....like, hawthorne heights, fall out boy, rap, anything....ah, i don't care*

-Height(estimate): i've been searching for a guy that's actually taller than me...it's soo hard..i'm a giant*

-Age: older than me is usually the tracks i travel on....could be same age*

-Personality Type:
Romantic, sweet, makes me feel like the most
special person in the world...sense of humor, honest, trustworthy, thougthtful, considerate, confident yet not too cocky...and the list goes on and on...

--This or That--

-Older or Younger: older*

-Romantic or Horndog:romantic*

-Smart or Stupid: i don't want any super freaky academic team boy, but i want him to be able to spell his own name and stuff haha

-Fat or Skinny: i'd rather have muscular...i don't want any fat boys..i'm so mean....and then again, i want them to be skinny with really big muscles EVERYWHERE!*

-Skinny but Muscular or Big and Muscular: Skinny and Muscular, it's hard to explain...not little boy skinny...but i don't want him to look like a fat boy...more along the lines of nick lachey.....ahhhhhh* (sighs)*

-Punk or Preppy: preppy, a little punky.....really preppy tho....like, tight shirts, abercrombie:american eagle:hollister wearers....aw, and i looove hats*

-The Big Picture or the Little Things: the little things, for sure..they all add up to make one big picture...and that's love*

-Flowers/Candy or Big Expensive Present: flowers/candy*

-Mixtape or Burned CD: isn't it called burnt?? well, burned...or burnt...or something*

-Love or Lust: sometimes lust, sometimes love*

-Emotional or Just Not: i want him to be somewhat emotional....when we talk, i don't want to be able to compare him to a brick wall or anything, but if he cries more than me, he's out*

-Sincere or Jokester: a combo of the 2*

-Hott and mean or Ugly and sweet: hott and mean...i can make him nice..just watch haha*

-Sexy or Just Cute: i want him to be sexy with cute features...like a cute smile, sexy body*

-Arse or Abs: abs...what's arse??*

-Hair or Hands: thats a weird question....i love when a guy has cute hair....hands matter big time too tho*

-Dimples or Eyes: eyes--fo shizzle*

-Biceps or Calves/Thighs: biceps*

-Teeth or Nose(some people are just wierd) : both....i don't like big noses, and ugly teeth are a turn off*

-Clean Shaven or Scruffy: clean shaven...i want his back, his chest, his stomach, and his arms to be like abercrombie models...smooooooth*

-Rugged or Prim and Proper: combo of the 2*

-Countryboy or Cityboy : i love my country boys...but city boys kick ass too*

-Date alone or With Friends : Date alone somtimes, and with friends sometimes*

-Mama's Boy or Rebel Without A Cause: not a rebel.....not anyone that if i broke up with him he'd blow my house or anything....scary*

--Have You Ever--

-Dumped a guy because he liked you too much: it wasn't really ME he liked too much, it was my body, but yeah*

-Loved a guy because he stalked you: hardcore stalkers are scary..boys that like to catch a glimpse of you and become interested and kind of, nonchalantly follow you....that's so sweet *

-Loved a guy because he hated you: haha not quite*

-Asked your friend's crush out: haha no...but i'm a good flirt*

-Lead a guy on for kicks: i plead the fifth...i mean, it's like a little challenge...the guy's kinda cute or really cute or w/e and you're like, hmm, i wonder if i could make him fall for me...yeh, i've done that*

-Asked a guy out purely because he was hott: i SO don't ask guys out...that's slutty...i make it to where he can't resist but ask me out*

-Flirted with guys even though you had a boyfriend: .........unspoken*

-Lied about not having a boyfriend: nope*

-Lied about having one: hahahaha walmart's awesome...just kidding..i told 'em i was dating someone*

-Cheated: newp...i mean, i talked on the phone to guys while i was dating someone but that's so not cheating...they're only my friends*

-Been Cheated on: hope not*

-Had a crush on a gay guy: haha nooo.....that'd be extremely weird*

--Their Clothing(yes/no)--

-Boxers?: love 'em*

-Briefs?: love those too...they show off*

-Hat?: LOVE hats..i'm such a sucker for hats*

-Skater Shoes?: ew ew ew...not really*

-Pimp Shoes?: what the heck?? pimp shoes?*

-Band Shirts?: aww, only somtimes..they're cute..like, a good band tho..nothing like nine inch nails or system of a down...they scare me..but some decent punk rock bands, i'm all for*

-Vintage shirts?: vintage kicks boootay*

-Southpole/um..other thug clothes..?: okay thugs.....not me...*

-Dixie Outfitters/Big Johnsons?: wth?*

-Independent/DC?: once again, what??*

-S&M/Little Devil?: dont matter i don't think i dunno*

-Fox/Thor?: prob. fox...i like their clothes better*

-Jeans or Shorts?: i loooooove blue jean pants that are kinda destroyed and faded and hole-y haha....but like tan shorts and stuff are really good too*

--Be Honest--

-Would you ever date a guy for his money?: lord no*

-Would you ever date a guy for his social status?: um, no*

-Have you ever liked hanging out with your bf's friends more than him?: yep*

-Have you ever pretended to like somebody to make them feel better? haha guilty*

-Do looks matter?: big time....but if they're a jerk--forget them*

-Are you honestly scared of being dumped?: not really? i'm kinda single*

-Does size matter?: hahahhaha....yes..but i'm not gonna like automatically reject a guy if he isn't enormous or anything*

-Do you avoid 'situations' with ugly guys?: what kind of situations???*

-Are you ashamed to be seen with your ugly friends?: no!! i don't have ugly friends, u tard*

-Are you ashamed for being ashamed?(you better be): i didn't say i was ashamed....grrr*

-Do you hide things from your crushes/guy friends/bf?: duh big red truck*

-Do you lie about masturbation for attention or false innocence?: pssh, heck no i don't lie about it*

-Do you really want a guy to say if those jeans make your butt look fat?: i don't want my butt to look FAT...i want it to look good...so i dunno..thats a toughie*

-Are you dissapointed when your bf doesn't say I love you right away?: no...most people don't "love" someone until time progresses....i dont like when people say i love you right when they start dating*

-Wanna be a virgin till marriage? ?*

-Do you really love the guys everytime that you say it? yeh, but in different ways...like, i love you means i really love you....but if i say love you, i loves you, luv ya, love ya, or any kinda thing like that i mean you're my good friend and i do love you*

-Do you dream about your crushes/bfs/guy friends?: not really, that's kinda twisted and obsessive...live life...don't be like, omgawd if i don't get this guy, hello suicide...nuh uh..not good*

-Would you makeout with a guy friend just to get it over with/curiosity?: psh yeh*

-Does this survey suck nuts?* yup, it's a nut-sucker*

--just got back from cheer practice at mrs. newsome's pool...leave a comment, love yuns*


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These boots are made for walkin, that's just what they'll do* [Friday
June 17th, 2005
[ mood | crazy ]

Hey you all...I've been doing pretty good lately! Cheerleading started back, and I'm a captain this year* weeehoo! haha...We have practice every Tuesday and Thursday now, and it's fun--i love it! I'm hoping we have us another kick-butt year* Meggie poo and China stand beside me in sidelines, and I'm pretty sure me and Meggie are basing a stunt together* can't wait! I talked to Mrs. Newsome about getting all new uniforms this year with matching body suits and she said yes....oh yeah haha we'll actually not look like we've stepped right outta the 80's! haha...Umm, I didn't do much yesterday, well kinda not* I had practice, which was fun, and then I came home and washed 3 loads of clothes...I've made a discovery that I can actually wash clothes! haha So I've been a washing machine lately! hahaha.....Hm, I went walking down to VMS yesterday, and around the hill w/ Janna, then when we got home we went swimming* Welps, I'm gonna go talk to Austin Fields-i love that boy-there's not much to say rather than Summer's getting better and I love it!*

Love ya'll!*
mwah mwah mwah*


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yo yo* haha....thats a toy! a yo yo! [Monday
June 13th, 2005
[ mood | tired ]

okay, i'm such a blonde* haha....excuse my stupidity on my subject up there..i have a tad bit too many blonde moments* hillary loves me right now, because I just fixed her ICQ...haha I'm such a jane-yus! haha whoa, cheerleading practice starts tuesday, and i dread it..like, real bad*

--the 8th--Wednesday?? I think?
*Hill called for me to come over after I got my kitten...My kitten is adorable! She still doesn't have a name yet though....poor thing, love it's heart...Anywho, I came to Hill's and we had like the best time ever....too many mems to name!! haha! We had a waterfight....'nuff said-haha! We stayed up til like 7 then went to bed and woke up at around 12....

came home--went to see The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants..gaw, I cried like SOO much...I give that movie about 15 thumbs up! haha....me and mommy went and saw that, and then went to El Azul*

Did a whole lotta nothing...played with my kitten and around 6:00 i went to my aunt's wedding rehearsal...it was fun, kinda* oh yeah, I talked to Kyle on Friday...that was good..i miss him*

Cindy's wedding...got Cassidy (Cindy's daughter) ready because she was the flower girl and her hair ended up looking soo pretty...the wedding was cool...i saw dillon.....his hair looks a whole lot better* Then, I went to my aunt Brenda's house and played with Luke, my little baby cousin, and saw Claudie, Rodney, and Heather...I haven't seen them in forever*

Swam, laid in the sun, watched America's Next Top Model....played with the kitten...Carol my aunt came over to see us---Hill called and wanted me and amanda to come up*

--Monday (the A.M. hours)
Here me and hill are sittin' just bein' bored..amanda fell asleep, and me and hill couldn't sleep, so we came in here....i think we're gonna go back in there in like 2 minutes to sleep again..we've only been awake like 10 minutes

Leave a comment please*

Love ya'll lots*

See ya homeskillets---

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Hello there, angel from my nightmare* [Wednesday
June 8th, 2005
[ mood | sad ]

Hey guys, I'm not writing much....I just wanted to say that I get a new baby kitten today! Yay! haha It'll really be sis's...but oh well....We still don't know what we're gonna name it...

--- :( Bobby Hampton's dad died like really recently of cancer...Everyone please pray for his family and loved ones*

Be good---Please comment*

See ya homeskillets*-


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this thingy....lol* [Monday
June 6th, 2005
[ mood | energetic ]

1) Using band names, spell out your name:

H-Hawthorne Heights
O-Our Lady Peace?
L-Lost Prophets

2) Have you ever had a song written about you? hehe yes, and thank you very much william king! the setlist kicks butt!*
3) What songs make you cry? God Blessed the Broken Road, Here Without You, True, and I'll Be
4) What songs make you happy? Sugar We're Goin' Down, Be My Escape, Don'tcha, and a whole lot more*

a p p e a r a n c e

x. HEIGHT: like 5'10 and a half
x. HAIR COLOR: blonde
x. SKIN COLOR: i'm a white person, but i have a killer tan*
x. EYE COLOR: Green*
x. TATTOOS: None*

r i g h t n o w

x. WHAT YOU WEARING?: My "Ponies are pretty" shirt from A.E., and a pair of hot pink shorts*
x. WHAT SONG ARE YOU LISTENING TO?: Because You Live-Jesse Mcartney*
x. WHAT TASTE IS IN YOUR MOUTH?: the taste of hunger*
x. WHAT'S THE WEATHER LIKE?: Sunny and warm*
x. HOW ARE YOU?: Alright I guess*
x. HAVE A BAD HABIT?: I guess?*
x. GET ALONG WITH YOUR PARENTS?: Most of the time*
x. LIKE TO DRIVE?: No clue* haha

l o v e

x. SEXUALITY?: straight
x. CHILDREN?: none
x. BEEN HURT?: duh
x. YOUR GREATEST REGRET(S)?: I have no regrets...that's no way to live!
r a n d o m

x. DO YOU HAVE A JOB?: Heck no....I sometimes work at mamaw's diner tho*
x. IF YOU WERE A CRAYON what color would you be?: pink for sure*
x. WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY?: Summer, guys, love, kisses, hugs, warm towels straight from the dryer, strawberry milkshakes, my dogs, oliver my cat, swimming, and like a ton of other things*
x. WHAT'S THE NEXT CD YOU'RE GONNA GET?: The Killers, probably*

Seven things in your room:
1. My TV
2. My Kissy Bears from Kyle
3. Bed
4. Loft
5. Pictures
6. Napoleon Dynamite poster
7. Desk

Seven things that attract you to the opposite sex:
1. Eyes
2. Smile
3. Abs
4. Height
5. Hair
6. Teeth
7. Muscular...not puny haha

Top seven things you say most
1. Faggot haha
2. Sexy
3. Hot
4. Gorgeous
5. What a loser
6. I love you
7. O-m-g

Do You
Smoke?: Nope
Read the newspaper?: For horoscopes, yeh
Pray?: Yeah
Do Drugs: Gawsh no

Have you ever:
Been in love?: i think?
Gone skinny dipping?: I plead the fifth* haha
Had a medical emergency?: no
Had surgery?: like when i was 3
Swam in the dark? last nite i did
Been to a Bonfire: yup
Got Drunk: no
Ran away from home?: Nope
Played strip poker?: Nope
Beaten someone up?: Nope, well maybe?
Gotten beaten up?: lord no...haha
Slept outdoors?: yeh, long long ago!
Pulled an all nighter?: yup*
If yes, what is your record?: around 24 hrs
Been on radio/tv?: Yeah
Been in a mosh-pit?: Nope
Been to a party: Yeah
Gotten lost in the woods?: Not that I recall
Do you have any gay/lesbian friends? there's a ton of soon-to-be-freshmen that are* but they're so not my friends*

About You
Wallet: nope
Coffee: nope
Cologne/Perfume: Victoria's Secret Heavenly, or like anything else from V.s.

In the last 24 Hours have you....
Cried: tried to to make sis feel bad..i failed
Bought something: yeah at subway
Gotten sick: my tummy
Sang: right now
Been kissed: nope
Wanted to tell someone you love them, but didn't: no
Talked to an ex: no, wait, yeah*
Talked to someone you have a crush on: i don't think*
Had a serious talk: no way*
Missed someone: kinda*
Hugged someone: yep*
Argued with a parent(s): yep*

Social Life:
Would you rather be with friends or on a date: both*
Attend Church: no..i should though

Thing you ate: A piece of strawberry cake*
Thing you drank: Diet Dr. Thunder
Place you went: The bathroom? haha
Person you kissed: Unspoken*
Person you talked to: Cassidy, my cousin
Person you IMed: Cody Tackett
Song you heard: Collide-Howie Day

3 .Want to be Kissed In. The Snow-

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