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hey guys...not much happened this week...me and hill went out on friday night! that was fun..hehe we went to see wedding crashers...gaw, i LOVED that movie...2 thumbs up....it was kinda dirty, but hey, you need some trashy humor every once in awhile haha....after the movies, we went to taco bell, and then walked around at walmart...i had fun..hehe...too bad i had to clean the next freakin' day and didn't get to stay all nite...ahh, we will soon enough...

Fill this out*...Plllllease! ;)

. Your name:
. Where did we meet?:
. Take a stab at my middle name:
. How long have you known me?:
. When is the last time we saw each other?:
. Do I smoke?:
. Do I believe in God?:
. When you first saw me what was your impression?:
. My Favorite Color?:
. Our Best Memory?:
. Color hair:
. Color eyes:
. Have you ever had a crush on me?:
. Have you ever been jealous of me?:
.What do you think about my butt?:
. What's my fav. type of music?:
. What is the best feature about me?:
. Am I shy or outgoing?:
. Am I a rebel or do I follow all the rules?:
. Would you consider me a friend, an aquaintence or a good
. If there were one good nickname for me what would it be?:
. Have you ever seen me cry?:
.What would u give me out of 10 for personality?:
.What would you give me out of 10 for looks?:
.What annoys u most about me?:
.Do u think i am funny?:
.If you could do one thing to me what would it be?:
.If you could go anywhere with me where would it be?:
.Do you trust me?:
.Do you know anyone that likes me?:
.Do you know anyone that hates me?:
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