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yeh right...like this will ever happen*

gawd...why do you like someone and end up feeling like crap? i mean, seriously...i like a guy a little...i'm not like crazy over him, but he's cute and stuff...but anywho, he knows that i like him now, and well honestly, i don't think there's any hope...lol i don't think i'd ever see him dating someone like me or whatev...and then there's still previous es-h-eye-tee that's killing me...who knows..i think i need to get precribed to prozac and get my priorities straight before i end up getting emotional and crap...and well, basically, i want this school year to be funner than the last and i'm praying it is...i hated last year for the most part...i like my classes though..i have some good people...i don't have any classes with hill, and only one with court, one with zach....that sucks...i don't have any with shortridge either, that's kinda sad...algebra isn't as hard as i thought it would be, and mr. moore is officially my favorite teacher...he's awesome...

here's the schedule*
-Homeroom-Bonnie Gibson
-1st Period-Bonnie Gibson-AP Math
-2nd Period-Miranda Roberts-Social Studies
-3rd Period-Jo Moore-Science
-4th Period-Bonnie Gibson-Algebra 1
-5th Period-Jerri Osborne-Language Arts
-6th Period-School Store-For right now, me, Chase, and Ashley are working concession...during that period
-7th Period-Greg Newsome-P.E.

we have no time at all to eat lunch this year...i dunno what the dealio is...i'm gonna get off and see what i'm wearing tomorrow...

Comment if you gots any advice for the life*
or just comment for the heck of it*

love all of you*

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