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holy crap...i thought i was having a freakin' good day and then this sh-it happens....my ex has a girlfriend...i just talked to him on the phone 2 nights ago, and he has a girlfriend...and it's hard as heck for me...have you ever been so hurt you can't even cry? for the first 10 minutes after i found out about *her*, i just sat there...kinda angry, ya know? cause i guess it was hard for me to get over him...and in a sense, this has seriously opened my eyes big time....i broke down crying and realized, why do i need a guy that doesn't love me, is gonna make me cry, has a girlfriend, and doesn't make me feel like i need to feel?

i'm so confused...i like somebody...and for some reason, it seems like i can't like him...i don't know...i think i'm just gonna go before my day gets worse
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