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hey faggots*

there's been nothing to update about...i like someone, sorta...well yeh, i like him...we wouldn't be able to date, but the way he makes me feel is amazing...i hope i can see him soon*

tanner called me a whore today....shew....that hurts when people say that...i'm sorry if u all see me in that perspective...i don't mean to project myself like that.....it hurts so bad....because i go out of my way to be as nice to people as i can....my motto is that if you're nice to me, i'll be nice right back to you...just, i dunno....being called a whore isn't such a good thing*

on a lighter note, me and kay are going to the mall saturday..hunnington i think....i SO can't wait! we'll have so much fun*love ya fizzle!

cheerleading has been decent....beckers *becky parsons* quit though..that sucks horse poop.... :( i already miss her! our first game is monday, but it's an away game at mullins or something....i want our fball jerseys to wear...that'll be so cute with black shorts...me and meggie are the big sasquatches on the team...haha big giants...so we're always in the back row together..i love her to death*

i have homework like every nite! 8th grade is like 7th grade pretty much...lol lame*

ms. lowery freaked on me today because tyler mcpeek stepped on my toes on purpose and i had on heels, so i smacked him...she was like, well i see why you slapped him, but next time, don't hit him, and just come tell me...i was like, pssh, oh-kay...someone's on my foot... "um tyler would you please remove yourself from my pinky toe?" yeh...alright* whatev....

hahahhahaa today, i was going to the bathroom during some "Highly Effective Teens" Class, and Justin Miller and Josh Slone were lookin' out the window while i was walking by...hahahhaha and the janitor that we call Joe Dirt turned around and looked at my butt...it was so nasty....so now they call me joe dirt....and well, somebody decided to call me TW today haha..oh well long story*

gonna go*

see ya biznitches*

love yuns*

Please comment*


ps-colds suck!
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Hey Bandit, ah..don't worry about tanner..he is a jerk.but omg i hope that we get to the mall..it will be soo fun..well i am gonna go and work on homework..

love you.

Kayla *fizzle* i.love.sos
dont worry about tanner hes stupid! hehe ya=eah really mrs.lowery was driving me curazy. we were sittin on the bus and justin goes well it is a natural reaction to hit someone if they hit you ya know so i can see why she did that and what mrs.lowery said was just stupid i mean come on if somebody is trying to hit u your not gonna stand there and say "would u please remove your fist from my face" i died laughing! but anyway i love you doll and i hope u get to see "u know who"

hey sweetie..omg its so diff. at valley w/o cha! and by the way dont worry about tanner hes such a jerk and hes ugly lol ! your so not a whore lol you dont even matc up to the def. for a whore but im gonna go ! luv ya hun-nikki*
I love all 3 of you so so much! Thanks for always having my back...It means the *world* to me* Mwah times like, 70 gazillion...

Kay-fo shizzle nizzle, i'm on the track with the real snoop fizzle haha love you so much bandit #2! i hope we get to go to the movies! huntin' for hott guys haha...loves ya* mwah*

Janna-Gawd I miss you like curazy...You're never home, biznitch! Next time you are, if you don't talk to me, I'll kick your hind-end haha...I miss JohnBoy...Whaa haha...Loves*

Nikki-oh em jee--i miss you girl! ya gotta tell me all about Valley...my P.E. class this year sucks haha...anyways, be good! mwah*

Love all of u--Keep commentin'*
how many people as quit cheerleading. lol
ur woman