holly fleming- (hollyfleming) wrote,
holly fleming-

here's a quickie...

---practice today! we *me, hill, meggie poo poo, lil' savannah, and dana got a staight-up full lib....oh my gawd it's awesome

---i applied for booth scholars today....my essay i had wrote was 644 words long...sadly, i had forgotten to read the directions and the requirement was 300 words or less..yeh that sucked big time..but i finished my application and it was pretty good*

---new kid at school named rachel hamilton i think...she's pretty cool..i was her tour guide for today haha...she sat with me at lunch and stuff..she used to go to pville

---gotta go to sis's choir performance tomorrow at booth auditorium at like 7:30..that should be interesting

---friday is valley's blue and white night...we cheer at it and i cannot wait...it'll be so much fun*

---saturday is my.....drumroll please....BIRTHDAY!!!! 14 years old..haha me and hill are gonna go out to eat and then go to the circus haha...sweet action baby...i'm trying to plan something big for my bday...like, something i can do over winter break and all my friends can come....any ideas, feel free to tell me

---i'm gonna go get janna again! haha we're bored like always! love allllll of yuns

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