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Hello there, angel from my nightmare*

Hey guys, I'm not writing much....I just wanted to say that I get a new baby kitten today! Yay! haha It'll really be sis's...but oh well....We still don't know what we're gonna name it...

--- :( Bobby Hampton's dad died like really recently of cancer...Everyone please pray for his family and loved ones*

Be good---Please comment*

See ya homeskillets*-

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*Hey Doll! aww thats so sad! i feel so bad for Bobby!I'll pray for him! You should name your cat precious or baby! haha..if its a girl that is...if its a boy just call it..well nevermind lol..lol..im out..luv ya,and miss ya*Megan



June 8 2005, 22:17:10 UTC 12 years ago

O-M-G!!! we have like so many mems together! your the greatest friend ever!!! the curazy water fight*star*---with a candle stick*darla and susanna*we look liek seals--no wait!-spongebob!!!* mudd wrestlin'*in theh jungle*3*were the seconde slot on the list-haha*
--luvs you so much hunnie!*
oh-yea! i almost forgot!--were so bad were good!!!!*hehe like paris and nichole*
*-.Holly, I know that we haven' talked in like forever...But I miss talking to ya. I sometimes think about calling ya but I don't know your number...haha that would help! But anyways Holly anytime you feel like calling or ya need something well my number is (639-4510) you can call anytime you feel like it. Luv Ya Holly..-*

Hey everyone! Thanks for the comments--meggie poo, i miss you like insanely! you need to get your butt home so i can see one of my bestest friends!
*hill-omgaw! ur the best friend EVER, that anyone could have...we're gonna have a blast this summer, darla! i wuv u!
*danielle-shew, lord, i miss u like curazy too!! we haven't talked in ages!! i almost thought ya'd forgotten about your dear virgie friend! haha my number is 639-4106! loves you!

I love all of you! Mwah*