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I feel like I'm on Springer right now

hey everyone...something's kinda bothering me but i'm not really gonna mention what it is...and i've lost one of my friends that i've had since i was born...that's not much of a good thing...especially when he calls and practically tells you he hates you and then hangs up before you can say anything....it hurts really bad...i just sat there on the line for like 5 minutes before i even beeped back over to who i was talking to...and i know why he hates me, and it's stupid...then, i miss one of my friends, and it feels like we're losing touch a little, and i just dunno what to do...it hurts me...and i don't know how to explain everything right now...shew, and i miss somebody realllly bad...which sucks to the 10th degree...i've heard from reliable sources that he said some good stuff about me, but if he did, why doesn't he freakin' call me like he should? like, i have NO clue what i'm supposed to do....should i sit around and wait to see if he might have the same feelings for me? or should i move on? moving on is so hard though, especially when you care about a person as much as i care about this one...i guess it was just easier for him to let go....another pathetic, pitiful thing, is the other night, i sat outside and cried because i was so confused....like, a while back, he made me feel so happy all the time, and even when we did argue, everything ended up being fine because he had his way of making me feel loved...i miss that so bad....and i guess i'll just keep searching for it...and every other guy i talk to is so sweet....and they'll tell me such sweet things....but shew, in the back of my mind is the guy i miss....and i should SO appreciate what the other guys are saying but i feel like i am obligated to just reject every guy and go back to liking him, and that's gonna stop....it will be hard, but the hardest part is letting go...


comment please...i need therapy haha

love all of you*
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