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hey you all--okay, I know I've let you down by not updating haha..sorry* But their wasn't really anything to talk about...

anywho, cheerleading has been going okay. we're getting these insanely hot new uniforms with matching body suits...they're so gorgeous! miranda ( a captain ) quit...so now little 6th grade Savannah Hall is filling in for her* we had a game against elkhorn last nite and beat them.. their cheerleaders were really nice..me, kay, and meggie poo hung out the whole nite---i love my girls...we're the biotches haha...and me and kay were just talking....i can't WAIT til bci and basketball season and stuff*

this weekend will be 3 days long---wehoo....and kayla's coming over maybe sunday nite...that'll be fun* can't wait..

today at school was this big celebration thinger ma bob about Cats test. all the freshmen that were 8th graders at Virgie last year came to school....we had like water balloon game thingies and a cookout and stuff...i got to see a ton of my friends from last year..gaw i love 'em and miss 'em* hahaha me, kay, meg, sunshine, and kendra were trying to sing 'don'tcha' to this boy and he was running away from us haha...and dillon was markin' all over me and kay with a pink marker...fun haha..not really* lol cause then tanner, dillon, colton, and trey and a few other ppl started throwing little pebbles at us....that hurt..lol

i had a really good day--that was awesome....i loved it* i changed into my p.e. clothes because i didn't wanna play in heels today....lol....i looked skanky but i could care less*

welps, gonna go talk to bradie cause he just knocked on the door*

love you all so much*

comment me*

(kay's nizzle, meggie poo's hollister) haha

i'm out*
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