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everyone, i feel like a total b-word..and it's starting to really hurt..i guess what they say about 'what goes around, comes around' must be true...i feel like such a bad person now...and don't u wish you could just go back in time and take so many things back? because if i could, i would..i just wish it was possible for me to start over with a new beginning, and to be nice to everyone, and not regret my choices and decisions...whitney and alina, i never want us to be enemies or anything, and i'm so sorry for everything i've done...i just, don't wanna go to valley and not be friends with u all..you all are awesome, and i don't wanna lose the chance of not getting to know you all better...sorry for being terrible, because thats how i feel...amanda, i can't even BEGIN explaining how bad i feel....you don't deserve none of the crap ppl give you...and i wish i could turn back the hands of time..none of this would have ever happened...if not hanging out around him is what it takes to have u as my friend again, i'd sacrifice it...it's just so insanely horrible not being able to say you're my best friend anymore, and i cry just thinking about the countless mistakes i've made....i want us to be friends again..i know things can't ever b exactly the same as they were, but i just want u to be able to call me when ur down, and vice versa...i love u and words can't express how sorry i am

i feel like such a bad person...i just wanna be nice to everyone, and to be friends with as many ppl as i can...i love all of you that have been there for me...and like, kayla, meggie, hillary, everyone...you all are amazing and never dissapoint me...even u amanda, you've never let me down...i'm so sorry for anything i've ever done to anyone, and i just want everything to be a fresh start..i know i can't take back what i did....but u don't realize how much i wish i could....

i regret it all....any words, actions, or anything i've done, i wanna apologize from the bottom of my heart....i don't wanna be called a bad friend, or even a slut, because both names hurt horribly...

i'm sorry amanda...i'm sorry alina, whitney j, just anyone..i'm sorry...i don't want to lose anything any of us have ever had together...

i love all of you...even if it seems like i'm a b*tch and don't....i do...and just, i'm willing to put as forth as much effort as i can to make things normal, and to make life how it used to be...i'm tired of crying, and i know amanda's tired of crying...i guess it takes life experiences to realize what you've done wrong, and what you shouldn't do

please everyone, just give me a chance..i wanna be friends with everyone...i love u all

comment everyone--please---i just dont liike hurting and that's what's happening right now*
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