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3 doors down concert-
alright, i'm gonna make it simple because i'm not up for writing a novel. mom got my tickets like last minute, so here we are, just the 2 of us, sitting in the main top row..it BLEW...haha so during like one of the opening bands (illbreak)'s performance, we got up to go down and see if we could get on the floor....she knew like all of the security guards, so they let us down there...yeah, i ended up getting about 25 feet from the stage...i was in the huge moshpit thing and it was f'n-a....i swear it* everyone was like drunk, and jumping up and down and freakin' out...SHINEDOWN was ammmmmazing! oh my gawd....i love them. we they sang Burning Bright, Save Me, and 45, i went wild...haha i was so stoked about it all...pretty much a big humongous adrenaline rush---then, out come 3 doors down...i ---freaked--- out....i swear to god i was like screaming as loud as i can...everything was awesome..the lights, them, the songs...just it all was amazing...they sound even better in person than like on cd. it was beautiful with all the cell phones and lighters....gawsh...i just wish i could relive it all...they sang kryptonite, let me go, away from the sun, loser, when i'm gone...just SO many lovely little songs...then it came down to here without you....i had tears in my eyes..that's my favorite song of all time....anyways, when it was over, i didn't want it to end...i loved every flippin' second...to make it short, i wanna go to the green day concert next year..GAWD i'm so psyched!

okay, we left friday morning and me and kay pretty much listened to music on the way down....oh yeh...haha lovely....and then when we got into covington, we went to the Florence mall, and mom gave me like 80 bucks or something..and i had 50, and me, kay, meg, and hill walked around...i went to rave and found these gorgeous snow boots...they're snow white, they're completely fur from top to bottom, and they lace up like 2 times....and i bought this insanely pretty winter white faux fur coat...i got this burgandy cami that's velvet and like embellished with lace and beads....i wore it to school today..hehe yay---and then we went to our hotel, which wasn't half as nice as our hotel last year, but it was cool..it was me, court, kay, hill, and meg in a room...what a lethal combo, i'm tellin' ya! haha...

that night, we played Summit View, which sucked...we killed them...that night me and the girls had a blast! we went to the pool for a bit...which was so much fun...the splash fights haha...then we went back to the room and we "attempted" going to sleep...me and hill in one bed, meg in one, and court and kay in the other....hahahah wow...courtney and meg were asleep...and we all woke 'em up...i swear our hotel room was haunted ahaha this light kept flickerin', and things would move in our room..scary shtuff...i know...we woke up, ate breakfast, got ready.....went to our game...then me and hill went to the mall and met up with colton and tanner to walk around..it was so much friggin fun..they sat down in the middle of the mall and ate dipping dots..like they sat on the floor..i was dyin' laughing...seriously...and we went in new york and co. after kay had met up with us, and oh my gawd, the guys were grabbing manicans and stuff...hahaha i swear...and then i was walking beside tanner and he'd look at ppl we passed and go, i'm queer..i love BOYS!!!! haha.....i love 'em...then we had another game and ashley had gotten hurt...we got beat, and i cried real bad...haha it was pretty horrible...me, kay, and meg got in the room, sat in the floor and bawled..then hill and katie got pretty emotional themselves..shew, good times...sad moments....lol....that nite was awesome though...me and court went pretty wild....haha we would synchronize laugh and me meg and court would talk about OHHHHH i'm in the bed! and me and court would talk about i'm, i'm, i'maaa gonna g, go, go get..hahhahaha i love it....me and kay watched something gorss on ACCIDENT hahaha HBO is some bad crap..ilke, we were flipping through the channels and it was gross* ewww…….anyways, meg farting was the highlight of that night hahaha….i loved bci…I had so much fun with everyone..wow….tootsie roll, milk dud, carmello, cocoa puff, snickers, all of it was insane haha….sarah u ho! Haha everyone—ur awesome..i love my cheerleadin’ squad..whoa…can’t wait til next bci! Then, me and hill went to cracker barrel on the way home…it was pretty good but we both got SOO sick and sleepy on the way home…slept all the way…

well, I’m talking to a buncha ppl on icq..i better get off here…i might go get janna and we might go do something…


Comment…cause it took an hour to write all that haha

comment comment comment

looove you all!

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