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ew i got so mad today....

someone came up to me and said, holly, 'blank' and 'blank' were sitting in mrs. hall's class making fun of you and calling you fat and stuff

first off, i'm one of the most self-conscious people that you'll ever meet in your life...i'm always worried about my appearance, mainly my weight because i know i'm not the skinniest person in the world, and obviously, from the hints of those two guys, i'm overweight...

colton is such a good friend though...he proved a ton of people wrong....he wasn't one of the people making fun of me...there were only two and i shouldn't let rude comments like that get to me...but colton was like, never let them bother you and stuff....it was nice...

all my other friends were helping me out too...gawsh, there's like 50 zillion billion of 'em...thats the good thing about when bad things happen....it shows how many people truly care about and love you* thanks to janna, julie, kayla, megan, hillary, kendra, chase, jack and justin miller, tyler newsome and mcpeek, katie newville, felicia, courtney, china, molly, britney, samantha, colton, zach, courtney charles (my cornbread)...i swear, i could go ON AND ON for about an hour telling you how much i loved my friends....they were the ones that made me feel tons better..

i know i shouldn't cry, but i was....i should just brush it off my shoulder and not let it affect me, but i'm officially going on a diet starting from this moment, mark my words...for those of you that think i'm not serious, i really am....i'm on a mission to lose weight..i hate even ever being told that i'm fat..it kills me

those guys are in trouble now...which is good, but the funny thing is is that i wasn't even the one that told on them...ha....i wasn't going to tell on them....so yeah...shows how nice i am...so if you 2 think i told on you, think again...

but i mean thanks to everyone that leant me a shoulder to cry on...i appreciate it so much..and i love you all

i guess things like this show you who your true friends are...i'd never say anything mean to those guys..i've been nothing but nice to them, but i guess that's just never enough, is it?

i'm out-comment

by the way, i feel a lot better now....no overly-dramatic outbursts of depression or anything haha

comment to show i'm loved---

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